Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Neo-Geo Set Changes

Did some tidying up of Neo-Geo romsets. Updating sets to latest dumps and removing some (in my opinion) useless hacks/bootlegs.


  • cthd2k3n
  • kof2001/kof2k1nd
  • kof2002/kof2k2nd
  • matrim
  • ms4plus
  • mslug4/mslug4nd
  • rotd/rotdnd
  • samsh5nd
  • sengoku3
  • kof2003b
  • kof2k3up
  • kof2k4ex
  • samsh5nd
  • samsh5sp
  • samsho5
  • kf2k1pl2
  • kf2k1pls
  • kof2001b
  • kof2k2pa
  • kof2k2pls
  • matrimbl
Also renamed kof2003 to kof2003d. the set in MAMEdOX is not the original PCB version, it is the set with decrypted C roms.

These set changes also mean an update to the DAT's in the forthcoming MAMEdOX 1.1. I'd like to hear people's opinions on these updates/deletions, so please leave a comment...


At 7:58 am, Anonymous FastCash said...

Speaking of NeoGeo, which is the set of svc that Mamedox supports? I have a set that uses roms named 269-xx.xxx, which FinalBurn XXX uses, instead of svc-xx.xxx, which is what Mamedox expects. Which set is the newest (correct) one? I'd like to get rid of FinalBurn since Mamedox does pretty good in supporting the same games.

At 8:30 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

can't we simply stick to what is included in MAME (the big releases 0.91...0.92, not the 0.92u1...0.92u3...so that we don't need 3 different versions (Mame, MamedOX, finalburn XXX and so on) of the same set of rom...the easier you will made your software easy to use (and especially the set of roms to use), the more people with use it....just my two cents...

At 8:59 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I suggest you ban all Neogeo Roms from your version, so you won't have to deal with this crap anymore. What, me nihilist ?

At 9:11 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Nice work on the memedox. I do think you should keep those drivers instead of deleting them though. The more options, the better :)

I know kof2002 has a lot of hacks but I dont think kof2001 do. Also some of the roms are hard to find so more than one variation of the game is good.

I'd say leave those 6 titles in. At very least keep the kof2001 plus roms and the matrim bootleg.

Just my 50cents


At 9:29 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

wow mamedox is really great. i don't know why ppl will still use the other shitty mame emus on the xbox - this on is perfect. i would like to see all the bootlegs and neogeo roms etc into it? why? well so more games so nicer it is. and yeah i like the u1,u2... rels. why not releasing as often as possible? nobody has to dl! me and 23947u4098457 other ppl would dl every rel :)

keep the good work on dude!!!

At 4:22 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I really love the changes you have made. Anything that cleans up the code for Xbox because of the restricted ram makes a huge difference.

On a side note: I think you should submit these changes to the MameOX sourceforge code to see if you can get them implemented, if there is anybody there to allow that.

Honestly I'd like to see your version continue on with the MameOX development if you are serious about adding more roms past .83

At 6:10 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am also for the regular 0.89, 0.90, 0.91, etc sets. Easier to find/download/maintain romsets.

And as a side note, maybe even allowing the use of a user-defined set though a dat or whatever if that is possible (giving a warning of crc32 mismatch or whatever, but still trying to play the thing), just in case I have the 0.90 set and your source goes for a 0.92, for instance.

At 8:25 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think too it's more simple to keep the same set as in MAME 0.94. And for games like KoF2k3, if you can match with the FBAXXX set, it could be even better and simple! :)

One thing, Ebsy, are you aware about the Crystal games aren't working in MAMEdoX? It reboot the Xbox when I try to launch one of these.... If you can correct it in a futur release of MAMEdoX, it could be great! :)

And for the lightgun support you plan to add, don't forget that a version of MAMEoX 0.84.b3 was updated with this and the source is available on xbins. ;)

At 10:25 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Mamedox is a great port of mame

The new DATS seem to be working fine I was able to rebuiled most of the sets from my current mame .94 files (Don't really have any of the new files supported), Like others have said I'd rather have it support the files from the major pc version releases, it would just make it a lot easier ... Any additional games are a great bonus though... The only oher thing I would really love to see added is USB mouse support for those who have built there own control panels with trackballs and/or spinners. As far as keyboard support goes it works excellent with my I-PAC interface, mouse support would make it complete (for me anyway), if it's not too complicated to be added.

At 6:54 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

"opinions on these updates/deletions, so please leave a comment... " --> it is ok for me.

I know than most of people will complain because the new sets are harder to find but keeping it updated is the best thing to do.

All bootlegs and hacks are useless, they are only stretchig out the list of games.

If you want to keep them, at least create an option for those, as me, who would like a clean game list with only original games in it ^^

At least, as far as I'm concerned :)

Amazing work !!!!

At 8:50 pm, Anonymous Simon said...

Nice update - I think the NonMAME roms are much easier to find now thanks to Terra_Cresta on pleasuredome.

Just 1 bug:

Samsh5sp: 272-m1d.bin size should be 524288 not 131072

At 2:56 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...



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